President of Cyprus

Greetings from the President of the

Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiades


It is with great pleasure that I address my greetings for the album of the historic Club, Enosis Neon TRAST, on the occasion of the anniversary of 90 years since its foundation.

Enosis Neon TRAST is one of the oldest clubs of Nicosia and Cyprus. The Club’s contribution is extensive and variable in the fields of sports, culture and the society, but also during the national struggles.

Upon its establishment by a group of eminent members of the society of Nicosia, in 1924, Enosis Neon TRAST, brought about a new impetus to the city's social and political events. The Club spearheaded for the organisation of intellectual and artistic events, and developed the national spirit.

The creation of TRAST was an expression of patriotic feelings by the inhabitants of Nicosia. As reported by one of the founders of the Club, Euripides Theofanides, at the time of its foundation, Nicosia was a town which moved within frustrating sluggishness in the fields of spiritual and athletic levels. From this stupor, the founders of Enosis Neon TRAST had the ambition to awake the society, and through its ninety years of history, it is confirmed that they have succeeded to this end.


The innovative action of TRAST, has left an indelible stamp in the spiritual life of Nicosia and in the creation of sports bodies, which until today dominate the daily lives of Cypriots in their entirety.


On the occasion of the 90 years of TRAST, I warmly congratulate the members of the committees, the members and friends. I pay tribute to the founders of the Club and to those who supported and developed during its 90 years of existence and I hope as many and more years of growth and progress.


Nikos Anastasiades


President of the Republic of Cyprus